Persistent Pain Group

In the past I have offered a support group for people experiencing persistent/chronic pain. This may be offered again in the future. I have offered this group in English and in Spanish. Please let me know if you are interested!

* Information about chronic/persistent pain, primarily based on concepts from the Feldenkrais Method(R) and current ideas about the neurobiology of pain (see the NOI group, Better Movement with Todd Hargrove, and the Pain Guidebook with Greg Lehman).
* Self-care, accommodation and pacing (including self-awareness and skeletal support/organization)
* Relationships and social support, working with medical providers
* The interplay of pain with thoughts and feelings, especially with trauma experiences

Each session includes some combination of education, group discussion, and a Feldenkrais(R) Awareness Through Movement(R) lesson or a somatic resourcing or mindfulness exercise.