Feldenkrais Method®

Awareness Through Movement® Lessons

Live classes are generally better because the teacher responds to what they see in the classroom, and you will probably get more out of it that way.  However, there are some great online resources as well.  If you find the classes are difficult or cause pain, you may want to attend a live class or do some individual sessions before embarking on an online program.

There are some great Feldenkrais teachers offering ongoing classes in Portland and Vancouver, and in-person classes are really valuable because teachers adjust the teaching based on what they see the students doing.

Online classes with Nick Strauss-Klein. If you are new to the Feldenkrais Method, start with Lessons for Standing, Walking, and Running. Be sure to read the read this first page for help on how to do a lesson. with Lynette Reid.  Most of the lessons are under Series Archive.

Other Support through the Feldenkrais Method  get the most out of your knee replacement”

Trauma Sonia Connolly writes thoughtful, inclusive email articles monthly.  She also has some great book reviews at Curious, Healing. Irene Lyon has produced a lot of educational material about the nervous system and ways to heal and stay regulated.  She also has an educational You Tube channel.

Chronic Pain

Here are some websites that I have found helpful in understanding how persistent pain is different from acute pain:

Better Movement with Todd Hargrove

Pain Guidebook with Greg Lehman